Medical Column

Expert insights on various health topics, and how our integrated healthcare approach are being responded to different cases, to improve patient general well-being.


Angioplasty can’t prevent heart attacks

Why cannot Angioplasty prevent a heart attack? And the most immediate and simple answer is — because Angioplasty cannot prevent the root cause of disease, it’s a matter of expediency.


Are Cholesterol Medications a Scam?

The lower your cholesterol, the better? Taking a cholesterol-lowering pill is not a cure for heart attacks and strokes, because cholesterol is not the culprit; But taking a long-term cholesterol-lowering drug will only make patients more likely to suffer from diseases such as unintentional fatigue, muscle aches, angina, heart attacks, stroke, heart failure, liver failure, renal failure, arrhythmia, brain degeneration, memory loss, cancer, depression, irritability, cataracts, impotence, early aging, etc., which eventually will make patients to take more drugs to treat these diseases.


Advance prevention is better than treatment

What to prevent? How to prevent? The idea that prevention is better than treatment applies not only to medicine, but also to other aspects. Former Vice President Wu Guanzheng once cited prevention as a cure for China’s serious corruption. More than 2,000 years ago, Bian Que (407-310 BC), a highly respectable Chinese medicine practitioner, first…